Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Check your Standalone Viewer - Mandatory Upgrade July 5, 2012

Our standalone viewer (the one that you download from our Web site) has undergone many fixes and enhancements over the past month, and it is very important to make sure you're running the latest version of the software.  Running on older clients subjects you to unexpected crashes, as well as other errors. The latest Windows version is 1.1.8, and the latest Mac version is 1.0.11.

CHECK YOUR VIEWER to make certain you are running the latest available version. The version number is displayed in the lower right portion of the login screen, or if you're already logged in you can find it by clicking HELP and then ABOUT from the menu.  If you are running a Windows viewer with a version number less than 1.1.8, or if you are on a Mac viewer with a version number less than 1.0.11, then YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION from our Web site at https://spoton3d.com/viewer/download. After July 5, you will no longer be able to log in using an earlier version of the viewer.

Also, SpotON3D no longer supports the Phoenix-SpotON3D viewer.  In our ongoing efforts to give you the experience you want and deserve, we will continue to incorporate as many of the Phoenix-specific features that we can into our standard viewer.  We only keep the Phoenix-SpotON3D viewer available as a tool for restoring objects that were previously backed up using the Phoenix XML format. If you are still using Phoenix-SpotON3D as your viewer, then please download and start using the standard viewer from our Web site right away.

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