Friday, April 20, 2012

This Weekend at the Blue Shanty!

Come on down to the Blue Shanty this weekend for a couple of legendary performances! The Blue Shanty always strives to bring you the best in entertainment... they search and scour the metaverse every day to enrich your 3DWeb experience!

Yes, it's going to be a fantastic weekend here at the Blue Shanty stage in Shanty Town, so don't miss out!

Frets Nirvana - Friday 4/20 at 1pm MVT (PDT)
Total Guitar! That's what you hear when you listen to Frets Nirvana. Using acoustic, resonator and electric guitars, Fret's pallette of sound is quite varied and always interesting!

Frets Nirvana grew up in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio and in his good old band days could be seen hanging out and playing in clubs with the likes of Joe Walsh and the James Gang and Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp. Adding vocals to his wide music variety of tonal colors, a performance by Frets Nirvana offers interesting music for the listener. Frets always rocks the stage when he comes here, and we know that you will have an enjoyable music experience!

Randel Forsythe - Sunday 4/22 at 10am MVT (PDT)
Join us on Sunday for our special musical guest, Randel Forsythe. Besides being a funny and articulate man, Randel is a true lover of instruments and music. He plays a wide range of instruments that include the bagpipes and the fiddle. Randel has been involved in movie soundtracks, has played for a U.S. President, and has opened for Scotland's premier band, the Tannahill Dream Weavers. His friend Coolidge Winesett says that "he has the 'touch' that moves people who hear him and choose to listen. You will know what I mean if you do."

How Do I Get There?
The Blue Shanty stage is in SpotON3D at: Shanty%20Town/65/58/35.

If you don't already have your FREE SpotON3D account, get one now at, or thru your Facebook page at


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