Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New SpotON3D Scripting Functions Will Help Builders

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Here's a bit of exciting news for all you builders out there! SpotON3D has just rolled out two new scripting functions that allow you to move individual child prims within a link set in a much more intuitive way.

The functions are called osGetChildPos() and osSetChildPos(). These new functions are unique to SpotON3D, and therefore cannot be used on other platforms, including Second Life or other Opensim-based worlds such as InWorldz.

Unlike other child positioning functions, which are based on the rotation of the root prim, these functions work based on the child prim's rotation, allowing you to move prims along their own local x,-, y- and z-axes. The functions can also be called from the root prim, in which case they allow the root to be moved along its own local axes rather than the region axes.

Any scripts making use of these functions can only move the prim that they are in. That is, a script in one prim cannot uses the functions to move a different prim. This may be addressed as a future enhancement.

If you are interested in the details of how these functions work, you can read about them on our Wiki at:

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