Sunday, April 8, 2012

SpotON3D: Stepping Up To Meet Industry Demand

In response to the rising interest from the corporate and educational world to include a 3D component for internal and external business and sales, we are about to unveil WorldWorks™ in addition to our current SpotON3D community. What’s the difference? While SpotON3D is for the traditional virtual 3D world user, WorldWorks™ expands 3DWeb worlds to companies who seek more dynamically interactive customer and staff experiences, while curtailing time and money costs—resources that can be reinvested in their business, notably technology and R&D. Green and seamless, businesses can now meet with clients and conduct internal meetings on demand and in real time.

A Radically Different Approach
You may have noticed that other companies have their own 3D worlds that on the surface look very similar to SpotON3D. These worlds include Second Life and platforms based on the Opensimulator model. We at SpotON3D have always taken a unique approach to what we think of as the 3DWeb, and we feel that we are building a framework here which will transform the technology into a natural extension of the 2D Web pages that we are now accustomed to using on a daily basis. Our approach has been considered radical in the eyes of some, but we truly want to see 3D worlds become an indispensable tool for the day-to-day operation of corporations and educational institutions, and we strongly believe that the steps we are taking will help to accomplish this.

SpotON3D will continue to offer new and fresh venues, products and services for 3DWeb world users and content creators, who will enjoy a stable, low-lag in world experience good for all users, with child-friendly areas, great value for the money, and a staff of friendly people who provide top-notch assistance on demand for all residents and guests. Costs are shared across our resident population, making it the fair and community-minded Web World that we have envisioned since day one.

New Tools and Services That Make Business and Education in 3D A Success
The latest upgrade of our popular EzPrezTools™ give businesses, educators and anyone needing to conduct meetings and presentations a dynamic experience without the headaches and hassles usually associated with online meeting software. With easy and intuitive onboarding of guests, media capabilities, and native support for standard applications such as Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice and more, you can bring others in affordably in ten minutes or less and conduct your business in an impactful way.

If you’re able to use Facebook™, then you’re able to use our EzPrezTools™. Features include presentation screens and whiteboards, as well as multifunctional picture frames to upload logos, house style elements and marketing material directly to your 3DWeb office. Thanks to this technology, your real world office seamlessly merges into your 3D global meeting spot.

World on a Webpage™ technology gives you the power to login from any website or social network. This makes our Web Worlds highly suitable as low-entry 3D extensions to any website or intranet environment. Easily meet with people from anywhere in the world in 3D, using a doorway on your Website that takes you to your next meeting or class. Combine this with the ease of Facebook™ instant ID registrations, and you have an easy way to bring guests or clients onboard.

HotSwap Scenes™ allow you to swap out full regions layouts with a single click, as well as to dynamically add and remove objects from the scene. This means that you can seamlessly switch from an office center to a demo setup to a virtual replication of your factory, or to anything you can imagine, as long as the layout has been created before and saved into your HotSwap Scenes™ library. Besides creating your own, you can also buy prefab HotSwap Scenes™ through SpotON3D’s marketplace. Our library of available scenes will continue to grow, so that we can provide our customers with a wide variety of selections.

BoostCloud™ Technology allows you to have your region serviced by cloud computing. Thanks to this technology, you will be able to host up to 125 individuals simultaneously on your region. BoostCloud™ is an on-demand service and can be switched on/off at any given time. This service is invoiced at a low hourly rate, and you pay only for the time that you use the service.

Facing Forward in Growth and Meeting Consumer Needs
WorldWorks™ now merges the 2D and 3DWeb for multiple uses, from recreation to serious business and education interests. This creates jobs with a low carbon footprint, helping all users expand their personal and professional experience. The future never looked brighter.

Stay tuned for the new and evolving horizons that WorldWorks™ is opening for everyone!

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