Monday, March 5, 2012

RESIDENT PROFILE: Cath Haifisch & petrov zunimoor

Why do I love being a part of SpotON3D? I can think of several reasons. In part it's because of the great staff that I get to work with, and partly because I get to spend time creating as well as helping others out. But I think that what I enjoy most is meeting and getting to know the many colorful people who come to us from all over the world. I am happy to have met a delightful couple, Cath and petrov, and am so glad they have decided to be a part of our community.

Cath Haifisch and petrov zunimoor are co-owners of C&P Casual Wear, which produces some beautiful everyday clothing and recreational gear. They have had a shop in Second Life for several years, and came to SpotON3D in October of last year after hearing about us from real life friends 10 and Macthur Goosson of DoubleMCreations. Cath says that they want to bring the techniques they have learned in SL to the SpotON3D community. "We would like to provide new people here with the basic normal clothes that they might like to wear in rl (real life), but we use textures we have made ourselves, so these will be unique to our shop only." They have been working on their spring and summer items, which should be available soon.

With the launch of our Snowybrook Resort pod pad community expected for next week, the winter clothing line from C&P has been much appreciated. Their elegant sweaters and scarves have been featured in various promotional stills and videos of the winter resort, and they give everyone who wears them a stylish look. Whenever I wear one of their sweaters, I constantly hear comments from those around me about how wonderful it looks. And I must say, I have to agree!

Most of the clothing items available from their store are set to be modifiable as well as copy. This is a very nice feature, as it lets you customize aspects of the fit such as sleeve length.

Cath is from the UK and petrov from the Netherlands, and they became partners in SL in 2010. They both took classes to learn Gimp, a graphics program, and worked together to learn how to design textures well. They say that it is fun being able to learn and to help each other along the way. When they need to take a break from working, they like to just hang out together or go dancing. Like me, they also enjoy the fact that online worlds allow them to meet people from all over the world.

Cath and petrov say that they are happy to be here in SpotON3D. "For us it's a very good opportunity to be here early in the development (of SpotON3D) and hope people like our style of clothing." From what I have seen so far, that is one thing that they will never need to be concerned about.

In world, come visit C&P Casual Wear, located in the Creator Island G4E (Good4Everyone) mall at You can find their product listings on the SpotONSynergy Marketplace at and


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