Friday, March 23, 2012

Our March Newsletter Is Out!

Yay! On Thursday we released our March 2012 Newsletter and e-mailed it to our subscribers. We were a bit late in getting this one out, which we apologize for. We will do our best to stay on schedule with this going forward.

Some of the points covered in this newsletter were:

  • We recently adopted Wordpress as our Web development platform, which should speed development time..

  • In the near future, we will be changing our corporate identity from SpotON3D to WorldWorks, which will be accompanied by a new logo and website. SpotON3D will continue to refer to the community of residents here from Second Life and other online worlds.

  • A new land rental / 3DWeb subscription tool will be released soon, which will greatly automate the process of subscribing to and setting up new regions.

  • We will be launching our very first pod pad community, SnowyBrook Winter Resort, within a couple of weeks.

  • As in previous newsletter, we spotlighted a sample question and answer from our Wiki site. This month, we went through ways that you can migrate your content from other online worlds into SpotON3D.

  • At the end of February, we held a grand opening of our new Creator's Cafe, developed and hosted by Kitteh Noir. If you are a creator, be sure to join the Creator's Cafe group and come hang out with other creators for discussions, collaboration, or just for a coffee break!

  • We greeted some of the new members of our community, and provided links to their product listings both in world and on the marketplace.

  • We announced that we are looking into expanding the Double Dutch Delivery (DDD) program to Inworldz, as well as to the Gay Nation grid.

  • We are excited about the growing popularity our Grid Wrap program, and invite everyone to come in world to attend the bi-weekly Saturday shows. Please check our calendar and watch our blog postings for upcoming show dates and times.

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