Thursday, November 10, 2011

Upcoming Events - Nov. 11 - 17

Nov. 11 at 2pm MVT/PDT - TerryLynn Melody Performs

TerryLynn Melody is a singer/songwriter & acoustic guitar player, currently residing in Southwest Florida. Her musical influences lean towards roots music, spanning country, folk, rock and blues, R&B and POP. She performs original material and fresh arrangements of covers, both popular and eclectic.

“TerryLynn Melody shows a tremendous innate understanding of the essence of compelling song writing. From her heart and mind, lyrics and melodies flow that evoke the most warmly remembered sensibilities of modern American folk. Her songs are finely crafted but have a raw quality that is delivered with intelligence and captivating emotion“ - Otha Young - Grammy Winning songwriter - "The Sweetest Thing"

"TerryLynn is one of those gifted artists that lights up the stage....and when you listen to her velvet voice, all seems right at that moment in time." - Tracey Edwards - Host - Fox 4 TV's - The Morning Blend

"This artist’s music paints lucid pictures of human nature for her audience. Songs like “We Can Be” manage to captivate the most minimal details and get to the bottom of things by singing personal, delicate, and expansive music. TerryLynn joins enthusiasm with a keen sense of phrasing which is something essential for a vocalist…something she calls genuine. " ... "her two passions, words and music, would fuse together years later and make her one of the most sincere and influential songwriters today." - Yohanna de la Torre - Gulf Coast Time Magazine

Come and listen to this incredible talent! TerryLynn will be performing at the SpotON3D MusicaJam stage on Thursday, November 11, from 2pm-3pm MVT/PDT. The stage is located in the SpotON3D Web Worlds at:

Nov. 15 at 3pm MVT/PDT -
SpotON3D Office Hours
Come join us in Second Life for the bi-weekly SpotON3D Office Hours. This is your chance to find out the latest news. Hop on over with all your questions about developing for the SpotON3D Web Worlds, and how you can join in on the developments of our latest technologies

Nov. 15 at 5pm MVT/PDT -
Annan Dreamscape Performs

Annan Dreamscape is a vocalist with a pure, sweet voice and a love of all types of music. She performs regularly in second life and is well-known for her all request show format. She has an ever-growing list of approximately 150 songs spanning a wide variety of musical tastes, and never puts on the same show twice. With songs ranging from Colbie Cailliat to Karen Carpenter, and everywhere in between, you’re sure to find something you love.

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