Thursday, November 3, 2011

From October 21st to October 23rd SpotON3D held a Content Creator Expo to bring creators from other platforms into SO3D and show them the benefits of bringing their business here. There were many amazing speakers including the creators of M&M Creations, Anya Ibor of Fearless Nation, Varda Silver, Shammy McMahon of Homestone3D, and more along with many great musical performances. Sad you missed it? Don't be! You can visit SpotON3D's Livestream and watch the recordings at 

M&M Creations
Our very own Ms. Varda Silver, managed to get M&M Creations owners Tin and Martin to sit down and discuss how they were introduced to SO3D and how their migrated went coming into SO3D. They also handed out some pretty kewl ideas on how to get the creator community more connected and shared some of their suggestions to improve SpotONSnergy, the web based Marketplace for SpotON3D, outlining the many benefits of selling their full perm sculpts, builds, and textures on SO3D. 

So grab a comfy chair and a healthy snack and chill watchin Marc & 10's interview here >>> Wanna check out their stuff? Go hog wild picking up some of the best sculpts out there are M&M Creations Marketplace here >>> or check out their inworld store here >>>
Fearless Nation with Anya Ibor of Fearless Nation 
Varda Silver, the new host of GridWrap, sat down with Anya Ibor of Fearless Nation, a spoke about the purpose of her non profit organization. In this informative and interesting interview Anya explain how they are able to work with people frm all over the world who suffer from PTSD. Fearless Nation brings their tight knit community together to meeting and have supportive chats together inf world designed al start them on a path of recovery. and how they are using web worlds to hold meetings and help people win an astounding way. Anya stated that one of her favorites things about SpotON3D is the amount of security and how security and safety is important for the people of the Fearless Nation community.
Watch the interview here >>> 
Visit Fearless Nation's Website here>>> Visit Fearless Nation in SO3D here >>>

Phoenix DaVinci spoke on how he became a builder for web worlds, how he found SpotON3D, and what he does in SpotON3D. Phoenix has a large variety to his building style using themes from all around the world and even planning out and building an entire sim. Phoenix stated that his favorite building theme is Japanese and that he likes the easiness of their square theme. Phoenix is currently working on the up and coming Gor sim. ~IMAGE~ Watch the interview here >>> Visit Phoenix DaVinci's Marketplace here >>> And there is bookoo more for you to learn about, Just checkout our LiveSteam at Today! Why feel left out? Come listen, watch and learn more while you do your daily chores!
Keep your ear up as we'll be updating you more on the rest of the crowd that participated at the event. And this isn't the last of them either. Coming up next is Colony3D's Genealogy Expo featuring top name software venders and many of the communities that have emerged as they source for all your research needs. This is an older, but active crowd online, made up of mid 30 and up crowd heavily using Facebook as a means to connect, so keep an eye out here for more news!

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