Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meet Calypso Llewellyn and her Wonderful Hair!

Imaginative...stylish...brilliant. It's hard to come up with enough good adjectives to describe the products of Calypso Llewellen, a talented hair designer who recently brought her store "Hair Care" here to SpotON3D. If you go to her listings on SpotONSynergy, you will see page after page of styles to choose from, with more to come.

But it doesn't stop there. Besides traditional hair styles, Calypso has been working on some truly unique concepts for alternative hair...styles such as the teapot, hummingbird, and bunny (pictured below)!

I asked Calypso what the inspiration was for her more unusual designs. "I absolutely adore the weird and wonderful, and whilst scrolling through websites trying to find new ideas I came across this inventive idea of making realistic looking animal heads out of hair and wiremesh and making them into hair hats. Needless to say I found the idea fascinating and promptly started trying to figure out how I could incorporate this into virtual hair, and had the most wonderful fun doing so."

Calypso began making hair in Second Life about four years ago, in late 2007. Unable to find the styles that she wanted anywhere, she spent weeks learning how to build, adjust and shape, and finally managed to create what she had been searching for. She now has nearly 200 styles in circulation, and many more in the works. "I found that I had both the passion and the ability to build hair, and from then on I couldn't imagine doing anything else."

Besides making hair, Calypso enjoys scripting, which has helped her to create custom menu-driven systems for some of her hair. In real life, she is currently working on a degree and says that she loves a good horror story. But virtual worlds will always be an important part of her life. "The real world has its priorities, but my home, and my good friends, sad as it may be, are definately pixelated!"

We definitely are happy to have Calypso here, and look forward to seeing what she will come up with next!

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