Friday, November 11, 2011

SO3D Like Bytes - Now We’re Talk’n!

Have you heard about SpotON3D's new Facebook page? There you can get all the latest updates, sneak peeks, and juicy details on what the SO3D community is up to! Every day residents from all corners of SpotON3D post about what they are doing and what’s new in their Web World life. They shout out about anything from their new store or club, a new outfit they just bought, or a place they and their friends went to hang out.

This is also a great way to run into new peeps and to meet new friends. You might be surprised and find out that other residents also have the same hobbies as you! It could be anything from shopping, to dancing, to riding Spritely Pixel’s AKK Horses. Got an idea? Share it with your Facebook friends & family. Share what you love in SpotON3D and be rewarded with a community of like-minded friends.

SO3D Like Bytes can also be used to help promote your business. Post a small daily update, or sneak-peek images of your products or services, then hang your 3DURL out there to let other members beam directly in to see for themselves in your shop. Watch as more people in the SO3D community become interested in your business! Promote your business through fun antics and pictures of your involvement in SpotON3D’s Web Worlds. Finally! A place all your friends & family can hang out!
Come join and tell us what you are up to today!

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