Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tessa Harrington Appears On "The 1st Question" Quiz/Talk Show

Pooky Amsterdam is the CEO of Pooky Media (, and hosts a weekly quiz show in Second Life called "The 1st Question".  On May 6, our own Tessa Harrington appeared as a guest panelist on the 40-minute program. along with Ron Stonecutter and Thynka Little.  Have a peek at this fun and fast-paced show, and see who comes out the champ!

Pooky Media uses different types of online programming to blend entertainment with advertising.  It "offers branding, sponsorship and advertising opportunities through affiliation with the programming it is responsible for ... the chance to have persistent and perpetual advertising around this entertainment product."  We would like to use Pooky's platform to help advertise our upcoming "Goody surveys," something that will promote SpotON3D to other virtual world communities while offering them rewards for completing the surveys.

Keep up the good work, Pooky!  Love your show, and look forward to many more!


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