Monday, May 14, 2012

Our 3DWeb Portal Plugin: Streamlining Access to the 3DWeb

We have some very exciting news, folks... we are rolling out the newest version of our 3DWeb Portal Plugin!  This will give everyone a quick, simple and effective way to get online in SpotON3D!

With the redesigned plugin, first-time guests will have a simpler sign-up procedure, and will get to experience a fully-functional viewer running on their Web page... one that is MUCH wider than what is provided by our current Facebook plugin.  The window sits right on top of the underlying Web page using Lightbox technology (much like photos are now handled in Facebook).  This means that your previous Web page is always available under the viewer, and that by simply closing out your plugin viewer (or by clicking outside the viewer and confirming you want to close), you can return to that Web page.

SpotON3D Home Page Redesign
First, we're redesigning our main Website ( to put the plugin front and center.  Right now you can get to it by clicking the yellow "Log In To My World" button at the top right, but soon we will be changing this to a much larger "Jump into the 3DWeb 4 Free" button with other options below it (see image at left).  This redesign will emphasize that using the plugin should always be your FIRST choice for getting online.

If you would still like to sign up using the traditional method and downloading the standalone viewer, there is a button provided for "Standard Sign-up".

Add the plugin to your own Web site
But it doesn't stop there!  You will also be able to place a copy of the 3DWeb Portal Plugin onto your own Web site, and set it up so that when your visitors/customers click on it, they will be transported directly into your region on SpotON3D!  You can choose from one of several designs, one of which is pictured to the right.  You can also set up the plugin to tell visitors whether or not you are currently online in SpotON3D, and if you are not then you can give them the option to send you a message.  If you're a FREE4EVER account, or if you don't yet have your own region or parcel, you can still use the plugin on your Web site -- just have it direct visitors to a public area of SpotON3D, such as the hub.  (Please do NOT send visitors to a private region or parcel that you don't own.)

For information on how to try out the plugin on your own Web site, see our wiki article at  Please note that this is still being developed and therefore is subject to change, and that you must already have an account set up with SpotON3D in order to use this feature.

Jump Into the 3DWeb Portal Plugin!
Please try us out!  Go to, and (for now) click the "Log In To My World" button at the upper right.  (Once the new home page has been rolled out, you will click the button "Jump Into the 3DWeb 4 Free".)  Experience this ground-breaking technology for yourself!


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