Thursday, May 10, 2012

Resident Profile: MsVelvetVoice Viper

Please join me in welcoming the wonderful MsVelvetVoice Viper to the SpotON3D community!

MsV (as I will hereafter refer to her, to save my fingers) is the founder of MsV's Saw Mill Furnishings, which she is now in the process of moving to SpotON3D from its previous home in Second Life.  But things actually started out quite differently for MsV.  She began her 3DWeb journey in 2009 as an estate manager over several sims (regions) in Second Life.  Having very little experience in navigating online worlds, she saw this as a good way to keep herself occupied in this strange new land.

In fact, MsV may not have moved beyond this stage had it not been for her friend todwick Nootan, who thoughtfully asked her what she planned on doing with her online existence.  When she could not come up with an answer beyond what she was already doing, todwick offered to teach her how to build.  After learning the basics, MsV joined Builder's Brewery, took classes, and eventually discovered a love for creating furniture.  She began focusing on the American Rococo style, basing her work on the furniture that her great grandmother had in her home.  She also worked with Jumper Constantine of JCH Construction, and learned how to build homes in the Victorian style.

During this time, MsV met Michael Somerset, SpotON3D's in-house animator, who at the time was still working in Second Life.  She was in need of a set of animations for a kitchen she was designing, and approached him to see about obtaining permissions to use what he had.  They since became great friends, and found that they shared many of the same values, including the need for protecting creators' IP rights.  They discovered that the protection simply wasn't adequate in Second Life, or in another online world into which they ventured.  Michael told her about SpotON3D and how secure things were there, and after speaking with Tessa and others here, she felt that we could offer the level of content protection she was looking for.  We are extremely pleased that she has decided to move her business here!

Another passion of MsV's is interior design. "I am always so honored when someone purchases my products," she tells me. " I do custom work as well, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to create my customers' vision into their 3D living space."  She has had the honor of furnishing one of the Titanic Suites in Second Life, and has been commissioned to furnish numerous private residences.

The name "MsV's Saw Mill Furnishings" was chosen in honor of her beloved friend Sawyer Lexington's support and encouragement to follow her dreams.  Her own name of MsVelvetVoice was suggested to her by a dear friend who liked her voice ("personally I think I have a gravel voice", she says, although I'm sure others will disagree).  She currently lives in a remote lakeshore community in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

MsV's Saw Mill Furnishings will be opening for business soon in SpotON3D.  If you have not seen her work before, I think that you will simply be blown away by it.  She's quite willing to design custom furnishings as well, and you can always contact her in SpotON3D by sending a notecard to MsVelvetVoice Viper.  She would love to help you create the space of your dreams.


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