Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday @ 1PM - Crash our cloud party

Quoting US Comedian Lewis Black; "Why would you need fire fighters? It's much more fun to see the thing burn down!".

Come join the SpotON3D Team for a 'Crash our cloud' party, where we'll be exploring the absolute limits of SpotON3D's cloud serviced sims. Bring along friends and appropriate attributes like evil-grin-gestures, rain-dance-animations and survival packages with hard hats and parachutes, and hop on to our cloud-serviced region showing off your creative solutions to abuse our cloud server.

All this destructive fun will be taking place Saturday at 1PM SLT/PST on the SpotON3D-grid. If you haven't got a SpotON3D account yet, just mail our team of cloud code monkeys at and we'll make sure that you're all ready to crash a cloud when the event starts.

See you there!

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