Friday, April 1, 2011

Gavin Zane live at MusicaJam - Friday 5:00pm

Growing up on the "wrong side of the tracks", Gavin was given an old guitar and learned to play at age 14. In the 80's, when glam rock was everywhere and no one was around to teach him, Gavin created a style all his own. (Percussive playing with riffs born out of influences like Zep and Floyd and a vocal style reminesant of John Mellencamp.) Now in his 30's, Gavin finds life comes around full circle and he has chosen to rediscover the music that was lost for a short time. Performing cover songs to get the mojo working again... Gavin's style ranges from Pop, Funk, Reggae, Folk and Rock with some tracks woven together with Bass, Acoustic, Electric, Keys and vocals on the RC-50 Loop Station. About 60% acoustic, 40 on the loop*. Every Song Performed From Scratch Live, No Pre-Recorded material. Gavin's improv style means every performance is original. Don't miss Gavin Zane live today at 5pm pacific time on the .

TerryLynn Melody - Saturday 3:00pm
Live performance by this truly versatile performer who chooses her material based on a deep connection to the lyrical content, Saturday at 3pm pacific time, on the SpotON3D MusicaJam stage. Join us!

Barby CelticMaiden - Sunday 2:00pm
Live performance by talented singer and guitar player Barby CelticMaiden, Sunday at 2pm pacific time, on the SpotON3D MusicaJam stage. See you there!

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