Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amleth McCallen returns to MusicaJam - Sunday 2:00pm

Amleth McCallen is a musician and singer who has performed professionally for over 20 years in such RL places as Milan, Bologna, and Florence. He strives to bring his listeners to savour several aspects of music, not just one kind, but works to ensure an easy flow from song to song and an impact in his shows that makes him memorable. He has authored some of his own lyrics and music, composing his soul, as he says. He arrived in the metaverse almost like a vagabond, free and stray, and was fascinated by the many places to explore. He has uncovered fantastic places, where he has rediscovered and relished again in colors and scenes that bring his mind back to his many world travels. His desire to share his artistic talent in the metaverse was created gradually as he explored this artistic world with the hope to give back some of the emotions and feelings he has gained here. Join us for Amleth McCallen's return to the SpotON3D MusicaJam stage
Sunday at 2pm pacific time.

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1 comment:

  1. Is a great pleasure to perform in SpotOn3D for me.
    Thank you to all the staff!!!