Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tech Highlight: Cloud-driven services

Welcome to SpotON3D’s Tech Highlight, a series of informative blogs designed to keep you in the loop on the latest technological advances SpotON3D has engineered.

Today, we’ll be covering the SpotON3D Boost Cloud™ service, an exciting new option that enables any region renter ramp up the power on their regions to support 50 or even 100 users. And after we upgrade our servers to the 0.7.1 server side version of OpenSim we should see additional concurrency levels possible, with expectations of up to 200 users. These advances promise to reach a much larger audience that has asked for higher levels of service and a more stable experience. So, let’s break it down.

Every region in one of our Web Worlds™ has the option to turn on the Boost Cloud™ service for a self-determined time period. it’s available on demand for just $2.99/hr for up to 50 people and $4.99/hr for up to 100. This takes your region off the shared Lite Use grid server, and places it on its own secure dedicated cloud virtual server. This means your region is suddenly hosted by a ton more muscle, enough to host 50 or more users simultaneously for a lag free experience. Wanna pipe in some music? No problem. It comes Shoutcast® capable. Want to lock it down to a select group of people? You’ve to that too, and not just from a region security level. But at the front door of the cloud server too. And with your region being hosted on a ocean of other virtual cloud servers on the huge Amazon® Cloud Network you’re about as incognito as you can get – everything you’d need to throw a great party, event, class or training webinar and you didn’t have to pay $300 bucks a month to get it. You say a few hours isn’t enough? Need a Boost Cloud instance for a 24-72 hour event? We’ve got bulk rates for such heavy hitting needs. Just email us at or give us a call us at 330-776-8663 to get a quote.

Next up on SpotON3D’s Tech Highlight: HotSwap Scenes™ - How these same Boost Cloud™ servers get jacked up with unique whole region builds at the touch of your mouse – without loosing your own region’s setup!

Interested in getting your own regions up and running in one of our Web Worlds™? Then don't forget about SpotOn3D's land rush action. Check out for all information, or contact us today to find out all about it!

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