Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crash my Cloud - OpenSim Stress Test

You're cordially invited to come crash our server... Yes, you read that right - we're gonna try to crash a cloud serviced region in our Web Worlds™. Sounds like good fun, no?

Come join the SpotOn3D® team on December 15th 2010 between 2 and 3 pm pacific time for a "crash the cloud" OpenSim stress test. We're looking for over a 100 avatars to join us for this pre-upgrade benchmark test on the performance difference of OpenSim v6.9 vs v7.1 backend on a dedicated cloud instance.

If you're interested in joining us, but you don't have a SpotOn3D® avatar yet, please contact Tessa at tessa@spoton3d.com for a free and fully functional disposable account and don't forget to download our SpotOn3D client at https://spoton3d.com/pages/downloads. Otherwise - log in to your avatar and come join us!

Why are we doing this? Another benchmark test will be conducted after the first of the year, upon completion of our 7.1 upgrade and those present on this test will be invited to the next to help, plus asked to bring a friend as we'll be testing up to 200+ users on that benchmark test. All results will be published to the OpenSim Wiki for community use.

Like in any games, there are a few rules however;
  • NO GRIEFING, NUDITY OR INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE - Seeing we're a very diverse and mixed population we will probably have minors as well as adults helping out.
  • NO new and/or unapproved/untested scripts. You will be provided with a box of test items. Please only use those so we can accumulate successful testing benchmarking results for the OpenSim Wiki.
  • NO PHYSICS until it is time for the physics test
  • DO Dance and enjoy the music and just HAVE FUN! *-)

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