Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Come crash our cloud Xmas party with Anek Fuchs!

Just a quick reminder to all of those that like to have their socks rocked off - In true rock'n'roll spirit we'll have a big Xmas party today where we'll try to tear down the venue. How fun is that?

While the brave Anek Fuchs is giving the best of himself of stage, from 2 till 3pm pacific time today, we're going to try to crash the cloud server the performance is on. Come dance, have fun and a good laugh with all of the SpotOn3D® users while we're pushing our cloud driven Web Worlds™ to their limits.

Log into your SpotOn3D® account - or mail Tessa at for a free, fully functional, disposable account. Download the viewer at - or just log into your SpotOn3D® account.

For all info on how, what and why - refer to yesterday's post at

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