Saturday, April 27, 2013

Come to Whole Brain Fair in Second Life® on Sunday, April 28!

Lissena Wisdomseeker, who has been a valued resident of SpotON3D for quite a while now, is holding a Total Brain Health Fair in Second Life® this Sunday, April 28 from 8am - 7am Pacific time.  The purpose of the fair is to demonstrate ways in which we can better make use of our brain.  Besides having fun diversions like elephant rides and acrobatics, the fair will have activities that anyone can try out, such as biking (for the body), games of strategy (for the mind), and meditation (for the spirit).  The fair will also have an ongoing schedule of programs and discussions which deal with brain health.

Lissena describes the purpose of the event best in her promotion:

"Our aim is to fascinate, educate, and motivate you to create your own brain-healthy lifestyle. It’s never too early--or too late--to take better care of your brain. 

"Research shows there are many different and even unexpected things you can do to keep your mind sharp now and lower the risk of serious memory problems as you get older. The Total Brain Health® Fair is based on this research.

"So come have fun in the sun with us. Sample the events and activities we have carefully chosen to help you boost your brain power by paying equal attention to body, mind and spirit."

Come and have a great time at the Total Brain Health Fair in Second Life® this Sunday, April 28!  It goes all day starting at 8am and ending at 7pm Pacific time.  Hopefully you will leave with a better understanding of how important it is to take care of the most important part of you--your brain!

Here is the landmark to your day of fun and learning:


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