Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Linda Kellie Comes to SpotON3D!

We at SpotON3D are both pleased and honored to announce that Linda Kellie has decided to become a member of our community!

We can’t forget that worlds like SpotON3D provide an environment where the average person can learn to create and express themselves, and develop their own unique talents.  It’s a special thing indeed when individuals are willing to share ideas and resources with one another when the major (or only) reward for doing so is the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped others.

Linda Kellie is someone who has selflessly supported creative development in online worlds for many years now, and has offered up many of her own creations to the 3DWeb community on her website,, at no cost and with no usage restrictions.  She is someone whom I have personally looked up to for quite some time, and I am very happy to have her as a member of the SpotON3D community.

Linda was first introduced to online worlds in 2005.  A real life friend who managed a video store in her area began telling her about her clothing store in Second Life, and encouraged Linda to try her hand at design.  Linda says that within a week of setting up her account, she had picked up the basics of building and designing, and set up her own store the following week.  Although she thought what she made was pretty great at the time, she says that after comparing it to what others had done, she realized how much more there was for her to learn.  Linda still maintains some accounts on Second Life, but says that she rarely visits there any more.

Linda has accounts on nearly every OpenSim-based world, as well as accounts on IMVU that she has used for development on their platform.   Besides continuing to design and build, she says that most of her friends hang out in these worlds, and that is a big part of what has kept her involved.

As for SpotON3D, Linda admits that her first impressions were shaped by blogs and news articles she had read on the Web, and it never seemed to be a place that she would like to visit.  However, her lifelong friend Michael Somerset, who is also our in-house animator, recently introduced Linda to our COO Tessa Harrington, and they immediately hit it off.  After coming online and seeing how things were done here, Linda decided that it would be worth sticking around.

While she intends to continue making free items for her Website, Linda is impressed with the security for intellectual property offered by the SpotON3D platform, and wants to use it as a location for her online store which she will call “Linda Kellie Exclusive.”  It will consist of items that she will make and sell, or give away, for use on the SpotON3D Web World only.  Linda says, “I love the idea of starting a business and watching it grow and seeing if I can make enough money to pay rent on land and go shopping. I love shopping in virtual worlds.”

I asked Linda if there was anything else of interest that she wanted to share about herself, and her response was that “I sit around at my computer in my pajamas most of the day.”   Well, Linda, it sounds like your life is just as exciting as mine.  And you’re more than welcome to hang around on SpotON3D in your pajamas for as long as you like!

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