Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Online Help

There are several ways you can ask for help from SpotON3D Staff. The Welcome Hub on the SpotON3D Grid has a new Online Indicator Staff Board to let you know who's online to answer your questions. Click a pic of any staff that isn't red and it will send them a message.

Add the staff to your friends list for easy access in the future, by clicking the search button on the bottom of the ur screen and click the People tab. Enter the staff members name, click search. When their profile appears, click Add Friend. As soon as they get the request they will accept your friendship. :)

Join the SpotON3D Help Group using the search button too. This time click the Group tab. Search for SpotON3D Help. Find the group on the list and click it. Detailed info about the group will appear along with a Join button. Click it to join.

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