Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Games of Chance legalized in Washington - Opportunity for developers.

One of the things mentioned in yesterday's SpotON3D Office hours on MetamixTV ( was the fact that recently Games of Chance have been legalized in Washington DC - which is exactly where SpotOn3D's headquarters are.

This opens up many new opportunities for metaverse developers. SpotON3D is currently on the look-out to form strategic partnerships with metaverse developers to convert this recent political change in a business opportunity we can all take advantage of.

A new corporation will be formed in partnership with key gaming individuals and a business plan is being constructed based on, ongoing talks. Once a consensus is reached, this new company will be creating a COMING SOON web site for other game, content and designer creators to sign up to become a part of this exciting opportunity. Affiliates on the user level will also be offered, using the HOTSwap Scene technology.

If you're interested in joining the special developer program for these type of in-world applications, please get in touch with SpotOn3D's Developer Program director Philippe Pascal asap. Applications will be handled on a first come first served-base. You can also get in touch with him to be assigned a developer sim for this or our other projects.

Please send any inquiries about developing Game of Chance-applications to All other developer inquiries are welcomed directly in Phil's personal mailbox;

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  1. Interesting. Gambling being legal in one particular state doesnt mean it is legal on the internet in general regardless of where a business is located. I think interstate commerce laws come into affect when money starts changing hands from those in states where gambling is illegal.....of course I am no lawyer so not really sure how this will all pan out.