Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New website coming soon!

One of the many exciting announcement we made yesterday at the SpotON3D® office hours (which will be available for you to watch online at soon), was the announcement of the new SpotON3D-website which we have scheduled for release in the upcoming days.

It's already version 5 of the SpotON3D® website, with again a ton of improvements, more information and a sparkly new design. The SpotON3D® coders have been working hard in collaboration with many people of the SpotON3D® team to create a website that better profiles what SpotON3D stands for, and with a huge deal of improvements for new residents and people new to Web Worlds.

No need to wait for us to put it online at; feel free to have a look at the "website in development" at where our coders are performing the last tests and evaluations, and just squeezing those last few bugs out of it. We're looking forwards to your feedback on it!

Don't forget - today at 9am Metaverse Time (psd/slt) you can join us in SpotON3D for the IBM Virtual Universe Community Tour. For more details; cast your eye on this blogpost:

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