Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 4th - IBM Virtual Universe Community Tour - You're invited!

We're very excited to announce that tomorrow, May 4th, the IBM Virtual Universe Community Tour will be visiting SpotON3D's Web Worlds. From 9am PSD on, there will be presentations of SpotON3D's GoGreen Virtual Offices and our ready-to-go business and education toolkit "EZPreztools™". Everyone is welcome to come and join us for this event.

If you're already a SpotON3D® user, then log into your account, and join us at the SpotON3D Amphitheater a little before 9am PSD.


You can also go there by clicking on the IBM-Tour signs in SpotON3D that will give you a landmark to this location. If you're not a user of SpotON3D yet come grab your FREE4EVER Avatar Account at http://spoton3d.com . All necessary software and system requirements can be found at https://spoton3d.com/pages/requirements

Need assistance getting set up with voice and navigation? Than please come early. From 8:00AM PSD till 8:30AM PSD SpotON3D Staff will be available for one-on-one assistance getting you set up for these presentations.

Thank you & See you tomorrow!

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