Monday, February 1, 2010

SpotON3D Featured in Keynote Address at TechSec Solutions 2010 Conference

On Monday February 1st, Frank Yeh delivered the keynote address at the TechSec Solutions 2010 Conference. TechSec Solutions is a premier industry conference exploring the impact of IP technology on physical security. This is the conference's sixth year. Mr. Yeh is a Senior Security and Privacy Integration Architect at IBM Global Technology Services and is a "leading thinker on how new technology will change the security landscape". In his address titled, Three Emerging Technologies and How They are Changing Security, he discussed how virtualization, virtual worlds and augmented reality and cloud computing "promise to change the way we approach security". He also featured the virtual world of SpotON3D, where Frank's avatar appeared along side COO Theresa Kinney-Johnson. He presented a brief introduction to SpotON3D, introduced Ms Kinney-Johnson and high lighted as an example what is being done in SpotON3D to make it secure for business.

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