Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, its been a month since I blogged. I've tried! Honest! But every time I started to sink my teeth into a good chuck of text I'd get called away. But, in the end that is good, because the results are the proof of the efforts going on behind the scenes.

The Fountain Blue event went very well and really helped us to make some important contacts. We met Zeegee Games, and hope to collaborate with them some of our upcoming projects. They have a very innovative team that brings games onto the iphone and look forward to working with them to bring some new functionality to the SpotON3D grid.

We also met John Jainschigg, aka John Zhaoying in virtual, the Executive Director of the Internet and Community Laboratory at Ziff Davis Enterprise Media and lead persons for the IBM hosted media group, Smarter Technology ( Our meeting with him turned into a tour of SpotON3D with much excitement on both sides of the conversation. It seems that John and I are very much on the same page as far as the vision for the 3D Web.

Before our time ended John graciously invited us to present at the Smart Technology Island in Second Life to showcase the things that make the SpotON3D grid different from the others, for which we are very grateful. We were very well received and has resulted in not only increased traffic to SpotON3D, but registrations, land rentals and vendors bringing in their content to set up stores.

On the heels of John Jainschigg's visit came Doug Thomas, aka Dusan Writer of Metanomics, who took a tour as well, though shorter. Dusan seemed a little cautious, but we hope he'll come by and visit SpotON3D again to get the complete picture about SpotON3D's security systems besides the technology end and all our other solutions. Maybe I am wrong, but I sense a bitter sweet angst in Dusan, as if he thought our grid was hearlding in a different era and I guess that's not far off. I just hope he keeps his great open mind and recognizes that no one grid can own all this. It will take as many grids to service all the people that will come to use virtual environs as their are web sites and that's a good thing in the end. Then we're not trying to push round people into square holes so much.

Which brings me to another point. Some have scoffed at your security without listening to the full message. Its not Just or client DNAing technology that makes our grid more secure. Its also the way we verify our memberships, the community driven Free Mediation Panel, and the fee based real world judge arbitration services that round out the solutions in this very complex problem of protecting content and the hard working individuals that use it. Does that mean theft will not occur on our grid? No. No one can promise that, and those in the know, know why. But we can make it with enough stop gaps to give the honest majority out there a reason think about their choice and make the right decision.

My personal goal in this manner is to give the user enough barriers to second guess their choices, ponder the repercussions and consider the impact their 'fun' has on the creator's life. We sometimes forget that this is NOT a game for most of these folks. Many spend endless hours perfecting these works of art we think of as props for our avies and builds, so they can make enough to pay their bills, or at the very least supplement the household incomes in these hard times. Its important that we respect their talent and their right to earn a living from this, even if OUR only reason for being here is to play.

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