Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yes, its that time of year and we've had gobs of fun creating this year's Halloween display. For those who wonder if scripts can run as well over here as in SL, ya'll gotta come over and visit Arkad's Home & Garden.

Ark's graciously handed over about a quarter of his region to our craziness and its really been a lot of hard work and TONs of fun. Now, all that is missing is folks to help us test out our theory on scripts and users, so come on by. We have a sign that will beam you directly into Arkad's region to check it out. We also have a great old spooky movie from the black & white movie age. Its Italian dubbed in english,k but really very well done! Surprisingly so actually! Thank Victor Hua, my right hand, for finding that for us!
We also have a Fortune Telling area that our own Butterfly Laa has offered to do. She has a knack for reading people well, so come on over and get her to give you a fee fortune telling session in the beautimous gypsy tent building.

Lora Chadbourne has helped us fill out some of the 3 levels of the Haunted House and the grave yard with her great work. Don't be shy about saying thank you to her for all her hard work. And she did it all with a horrid flue!

We've also got an awesome dance floor and a great area called, "The Gathering" just outside the Haunted House to just hand out and tell spooky stories together. So come on down before November 1st and see how well a multitude of scripts can run on an grid based on the OpenSim Platform!

- Tessa *-)

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