Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Exhibit at the SVM Gallery!

In case you didn't realize it (and chances are you didn't), we have an actual art/photography gallery in SpotON3D!  It's the SVM Gallery, being developed by one of our residents, Riley Hope, and can be found on the Mag Mell sim.

For Windows users, click the link below to be transported directly to the SVM Gallery!
Simply sign in using your SpotON3D avatar name and password. If you have never been to SpotON3D before, you will be directed to a screen where you can set up your account - a very quick and painless process.

Riley's latest endeavor is a photo exhibition by Melusina Parkin, entitled "Found in the Attic." The photos are of images which Melusina has taken in Second Life™, then adjusted through various photographic techniques, ending up with images that have a very retro feel.  The photos are of avatars in various settings, and are very well done.  They are in done in sepia tones, and are displayed on boards located in the center of the 5th floor gallery.

Along the outer walls of the gallery, you will see more of Melusina's work, this time in more of an architectural Art Deco style.  She presents the  geometric shapes of buildings in a very pleasing way, and they are equally as fascinating.

While you're exploring, be sure to visit the other four floors of the SVM Gallery.  There's a teleporter located inconspicuously at the left-hand side of the large window.  Yes, the gallery floors all have a nice seaside view, and the lower two floors have an underwater view!

Windows users can use the button near the top of this post to come directly into the gallery from your Web page.  (Unfortunately, our Web portal does not currently support Macs or Linux systems.) You can also register on our Web site at https://spoton3d.com/register/, then download our standalone viewer, which supports all operating systems. Once you are logged into the SpotON3D Web world, you can click on the following link to get there:


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