Thursday, December 20, 2012

Join In on SpotON3D's Gift Exchange!

To help everyone get in the holiday spirit, we at SpotON3D are having a "Secret Santa"-type gift exchange.  Here are are the rules:

1. Log in to SpotON3D, and send Ixmal Supermarine or Tessa Harrington the name of the avatar who is taking part.  If giver and receiver are a different alt, please make this clear!  We need this information no later than 2pm MVT (Pacific time) on Saturday 22 December.

2. We will do a random draw, and send you the avatar name to whom you send the SpotON3D SANTA gift. We will send you an IM inworld with the avatar name by 8am MVT (Pacific time) on Sunday 23 December. The gift should be either created/made by you or should cost no more than 250 SO$ from - absolute MAXIMUM!

3. If you need to get some inspiration about the person to whom you're giving, let us know and we will try to send some clues about what he or she may like, based on our research [ie nosiness!]

4. You should send the gift to your recipient by 4pm MVT (Pacific time) on Monday 24 December.

Have fun, all you secret Santas out there!

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