Tuesday, September 4, 2012

*ahem* a "Special" Kind of Laptop...

Just a gentle ribbing.. if anything, a rather affectionate and friendly teasing at the creative spirit of the Amish and how they manage to honor their code of ethics but stay amazingly in the loop of today's technology.

An abacus for the screen... chalk and slate for input... powered by chickens... yes, it's the Amish Laptop!

Could this be their secret weapon??

Read more about it here
Also be sure to read the Faq!

Ixmal Supermarine came across this little gem, and we thought that it was funny enough to share.

Disclaimer:  The article referenced here was produced by and is the property of DD ParodiesTM.  They state on their own Web site, and we reiterate here, that this is NOT intended to be derogatory in any way toward the religion or lifestyle of the Amish.  It is simply poking fun at the lack of technology associated with the Amish, while taking note that at the same time there are many Amish Web sites to be found.


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