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Jessica Random, a virtual world blogger who is passionate about spreading the word on the good bad and ugly of the opensim community. You can read all about her opinions and thoughts here: .  

She’s also a ferocious Sim developer, creating free OAR files for all the OpenSim community, we welcome for anyone to bring to SpotON3D. Just send us an email and your sim name and we’ll load them up for you. If you want to use all of them, remember we have our HotSwap Scenes that let folks swap out whole sim builds on demand. We’ll be encouraging and helping Jessica to list them for free on our spotonsynergy marketplace for free so everyone can tag into that service if they prefer. Thank you for coming in Jessica and we look forwarding to getting to know you better! :)

Linda Kellie, which as most people know is The Goddess of OpenSim Freebies has invaded SpotON3D and it’s a beautiful thang! She’s spread a lot of controversy - hey! she’s even called her sim Dramaland. Tess thought it should be DramaLama, but Linda voted her down :() She’s been making free and for fee based goodies ever since she hit the ground and everyone’s loving them. She’s also been battling it out with the likes of the owner of Kitely, a openly aggravated competitor of SpotON3D who just might have a vested interest in wanting SO3D’s 3DWeb Plugin open sourced *wiggles eyebrows* and Vanish of and that was the very thing that got Tessa and Linda talking and realizing they had too much in common to just say hi and walk away from the conversation.You can read all about her recent adventures here at SpotON3D through her own blog here  and grab her many freebie offerings here a

We want to thank Linda as a whole community for helping us have a voice and taking the path less traveled by dropping in and getting to know us first hand.  It takes a big heart to step away from the fold and color outside the lines - something Linda is well known for. We are all very very grateful for the opportunity to show who we are as people, creators and community members.

Harriette Jones is another virtual world blogger. : She’s recently gotten a region in SpotOn3D called … what else? :D ...“Harriette's Isle”! Its become the breeding ground for cats of all sizes,shapes and colors. Harriette is giving away freebie breedable cats, so you too can become the proverbial Cat Lady! HAHAHAHA!  

You can check out her all her listings here and start your own cat farm here: on our marketplace SpotOn3D Synergy website. Harriette is like many of our residents, a multi-grid Metaversian and we are honored she has  to include SO3D as one of her homes. 

Timothy Hoxley is an old time premium visitor resident of SpotON3D. Being the Owner of SoftPaw Estates Opensim Hosting, ( ) he obviously didn’t need our hosting services, but he’s always been a wealth of information for the SpotON3D team on the advancement of Opensim and other comunity initiatives. He is the quintessential “jack of all trades” in Virtual Worlds everywhere and offers cloud and traditional hosting for the casual users. Tim’s experience came from hosting his own grid, CyberWrld, so it's great to have his input and support again. He's got a blog too that you can check out here -

So that’s the round up of some of our new residents, and with our new RE-SUBSCRIPTION Grandfathered Specials we’re betting there will be a LOT MORE new residents to shout out about. Curious as to why? Check it out below or come on in! We don’t bite! :D

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