Thursday, August 18, 2011

SpotON3D's Content Creators Expo - Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Join the SpotON3D team and many of our in-world users and fellow content creators for the first SpotON3D Content Creators Expo, August 19,20 and 21th in SL. Discussion groups, presentations and some good live music will take place each of the days above from 11am till 6pm.

Learn more about our products and services, on how to expand your business to SpotON3D, the SpotON3D Developer Program and much more! Fancy getting yourself on TV? Then join in for the live tv-shows "GridWrap" and 'SpotON3D Office hours" that will be recorded and broadcasted live from the Expo.

Place to be is More info can also be found at

We do welcome everyone anytime. RSVP is not required to take part in these activities, but we highly appreciate if you do. You can do so by sending an e-mail to, mentioning Avatar Name(s), Guest Avatar Name(s), Virtual Interests and Inworld Business.

The Program:

FRIDAY - August 19th, 2011 :: 11am/SLT to 5pm/MVT/SLT/PDT

11am :: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION with Tessa Harrington

12pm :: SpotON3D’s GEEKSPEAK: Ask the SpotON3D TechTeam Your Questions

1pm :: Developer Discussion Group with Philippe Pascal

2pm :: Concurrency: Should the number of users be your sole reason for expanding?

3pm :: Scotty Bevill of Bevill Edge®

4pm :: Music

5pm :: SpotON3D ‘s Patent Pending Plug-in: Is it a threat or a benefit?

SATURDAY - August 20th, 2011 :: 11am/SLT to 5pm/MVT/SLT/PDT

11am :: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION by Tessa Harrington:

12pm :: Reserved

1pm :: Amleth McCallen performing

2pm :: Vardasilver Spearsong about RP

3pm :: SpotON3D Office Hours

4pm :: Sunny Salamander, SpotON3D Chief Developer, Business Tools : HOTSWAP

5pm :: AgileBill Firehawk/ AgileBill Krebs -

SUNDAY - August 21th, 2011 :: 11am/SLT to 5pm/MVT/SLT/PDT

11am :: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION by Tessa Harrington

12pm :: SpotON3D Chief Developer - Business Tools :: BoostCLOUD Severs

1pm :: Lesley Scope aka Light Sequent :: Cybergogy for a 3D Educational

2pm :: Maxmillion Kleene performing

3pm :: Phoenix DaVinci - What I like to create: HotSwap Scenes?

4pm :: GridWrap - Hosted by Tessa Harrington & Wildfire/Raine Morgwain, Guest Sandy Adams.

5pm :: Wildfire Morgwain - Virtual Entertainment- The Next Great Cinematic Frontier?

Attire for all events: casual

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