Thursday, July 14, 2011

Physics at MotorWorld Race Way

Sunny Salamander, SpotON3D Builder, has created an amazing place for Racing enthusiasts to play with their big toys - a mega Race Way, the equivalent of 128 real life acres... the perfect place to take a car for a wild ride. The surrounding waterways are great for racing boats, and there’s no better place to fly around in wide open skies. Sunny says you don’t need to know much about physics to use them “just turn on, find a script that works, tweak it and be happy”.

He’s also created some starter vehicles for you to get started. Download a free Race Car, Classic Car, Hummer, or Boat, and coming soon a Helicopter at our online marketplace His philosophy: “All of my vehicles are free & full perm. I hope that the community will pick them up and make better ones”. He says of his Helicopter, “I got this script from osgrid. I want to make it fly physically so we can pick up passengers. That’s not possible with a wearable helicopter. My intention is to give (users) the basics and the community will make more of it. That’s why all is free. The boat is very ugly, but it works!”

Check out the physics enabled Mega Race Way to take one of Sunny’s vehicles for a spin.

According to SpotON3D's Lead Programmer, Mana Janus, SpotON3D uses ODE Physics because it is currently the physics engine best integrated into OpenSim technology, and the best tested and debugged. It supports avatar physics, physical objects and vehicles.

To have physics enabled in your WebWorld, contact Victor Hua, SpotON3D’s Land Manager. (Physics are off by default to keep worlds that don’t need it running even smoother.)

* Note to Creator’s: The maximum amount of linked prims you can “drive” is up to 255 and the maximum size for physical objects is 64m

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