Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lost Boys - More New Content Creators Coming!

As SpotON3D is growing and developing we are running into more great and well known content creators among many of us. Jorie Muircastle and Myca Amaterasu, two professional 3D sculpt artists, are a couple of creators that match that description. Their goal is to reaching out to the community, not as competition, but expanding and sharing the market, helping others to build, create or just use and save their 3D sculpt maps. I went to their store in SL to visit with them. They were very hospitable, even giving me some of their great 3D maps as a gift to use in my builds! Thanks guys!

So here is a bit of our conversation.

Jorie Muircastle: we are in our store ... Lost Boys inc.. still under construction, my manager and partner will be here in a moment.

While we were waiting I turned and zoomed around my camera. The store is built in a futuristic environment, in a cosmos looking sky, and the building had glowy glass.Then Myca arrived.

Jorie Muircastle: This is Myca, we often sculp side by side.

Arkad Baxton: I see you guys have some nice work here. Is it the main profile of your business? Maps.
Jorie Muircastle: yes, mostly. We do textures, sculpt maps, various builder kits
Myca Amaterasu: Jorie dos the best stuff. He takes on the larger more detailed projects IMO.
Arkad Baxton: When did you start to do that in SL?
Jorie Muircastle: I think from day one I was building and trying to sculpt. (It) was hard at first and at some points (I) gave up and bought kits, but the huge expense is what got me to start a store to provide more affordable kits for folks. Our new product line is showing what can be done with Curvy 3D, a new sculpt program.
Arkad Baxton: Can you tell me some more about that program?

Myca Amaterasu: I, myself use a set of programs, but right now out of 12 years worth of experience Curvy has the look and feel of a program that takes an edge.
Jorie Muircastle: We are working close with the programmer, Iggie Memo.

Then I asked them to tell me more about their business and their philosophy.

Jorie Muircastle: what drove us is, as a builder you can easily spend 3000+ for supplies to build 1 couch that looks like everyone else’s, trying to complete in prim conservation. It would kill a newcomer to SL.
Myca Amaterasu: I’m a little deferring then Jorie. I put a set of products out for the users to use and learn from, but I don’t keep them out forever. I actually put them in storage, so after some time it helps give folks a set of unique items of their own.

Arkad Baxton: What do you see in Spoton3D as to developing your business.
Jorie Muircastle: I was seeing an education ground in a place to help people- reach a creative potential the old world way by providing a lot of tips and experience for the new people. This may sound, odd, but I like how it was organized, not cluttered. The bare essentials were out for people to get started, the information centers.... the rest is like a pioneering ground for people to explore and build on. It is really artist friendly, and right off the bat, I was shown that its about putting creativity in people’s hand. But, I also like that there was an amount of security... so that people do not have to fear about their stuff getting stolen by copy bots... making it.. well... a safer feeling to be there.
Myca Amaterasu: Well my self ,I have been in many markets and have been in many 3d worlds. I have even worked with motion capture developers and set up my own grid for a sand box. Right now Spoton has me curious. I am wrapping up some projects here and on the web and then plan to "dive into" spoton and see what it offers.
Jorie Muircastle: Normally we do not allow our products, per our TOS, to be used on other grids, but we felt secure enough that we do extend to Spoton3d, and welcome our customers to use our content there... we have modified our ToS to cover it.

Arkad Baxton: What do you think of the Double Dutch Delivery system as idea? Buying it on one place and having the product on both grids.
Jorie Muircastle: I think its an excellent idea. It is actually convenient too. Sometimes exporting content from one grid to another can be a pain in the tushy... it sort of makes it painless.. order what you want.. and run with it.. hassle free.
Myca Amaterasu: That is a brilliant idea I think myself. Its a shame that so few have actually looked in to that. So far the only others I know that have is realXtend and OS or Hippo grid.

Arkad Baxton: Knowing Spoton3D what is your plans for the near future on that grid and with their services? How do you see it working for you?
Jorie Muircastle: after we get things settled here, with the move and settling on the new island, we plan to open a small shop on Spoton and offer our products there as well. It works for us in the fact of it being another adventure in fun and creation.
Myca Amaterasu: well with anything young ... I like to get my paws in early it gives me a chance to really see where its going to head. I know Jorie is excited about it. I am as well and yes I have about a terabyte worth of content that I will bring over to spot on in the upcoming session. I think Spoton has a chance in media , and that’s a lot coming from me, so I know you will find Jorie and myself there soon.

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