Friday, May 28, 2010

SpotON3D – 10 Day So3D Launch Events

May 27th thru June 5th

Expanding Virtual or V-Retailing™ into a Global Market
Concerned about Constant Changes?
Want More Stability, Control & Protection?
What’s the Future of V-Retailing?

Attend This FREE Vendor Event & Learn How To Expand Your Virtual Retailing Business Securely. Seats limited to 10! RSVP Today at

Featuring Tessa Kinney-Johnson, aka Tessa Harrington in SL™ 15-year Veteran of the 3D Web & Virtual Worlds! Opened BizWorld in 1995, the first 3D Internet Mall with real world & virtual vendors in Active the grandfather of Virtual Worlds Co-Founder, COO & Art Director for SpotON3D A Proven Track Record Forecasting the Future of the 3D Web.

It’s been said Tessa can see around corners most people don’t even know exist. This is A rare public speaking engagement for this quiet, behind the scenes 3DWeb Developer and entrepreneur. If you want to know the history & the future of the Metaverse and your place in it as a V-Retailer, then this is a ‘must’ event!

  • 10 – 10:30 am PDT :: Virtual- V-Retailing – 2010- 2020 Forecast
  • 10:30 am- 11:30am PDT :: Q & A
  • 11:30am – 12:30pm PDT :: Trusted Grids & Secure V-Retailing BREAK OUT – Tour SpotON3D’s V-Retailing Venues
What other’s are saying about SpotON3D:

"Another strength of @spoton3d: leverages Amazon cloud computing so customers can boost scalability to 100 avatars or more based on need." - Erica Driver of Think

"This company has clearly given a lot of thought to their platform especially in the areas of copyright, intellectual property, cost and user experience for both Enterprise and Education." - Shambles Guru (SL™) of International Schools Island

"I heard a lot about how SpotOn3D is really making sure that content creators can safely sell their products and be sure that it is not easily copied and pirated. Technically and theoretically it remains impossible to make it 100% proof, but many should be happy with 99% solution." - Jani Pirkola - Virtual worlds specialist, Research program coordinator at One of the founders of magazine.

To Attend InWorld go to to get your FREE FOREVER
Account Listen in and Text Questions via Facebook’s Vivox Plugin @
Can’t be there in world? CALL IT IN!! Dial 1-646-727-4472 extension 906911 Thursday Starting @ 10am PSD

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